Discover How the Healthcare Industry Is Harnessing the Power of EEG

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Healthcare Industry

Transforming Healthcare with mEEG Technology

Interaxon revolutionizes healthcare by leveraging biosensing and AI technologies. Our solutions provide clinics, healthcare providers, and hospitals with objective measures of patient health and cognitive states, enabling remote patient monitoring and personalized interventions. By integrating our advanced biosensor data analysis and insights, healthcare professionals can optimize treatment plans, track patient progress, and improve patient outcomes.

Interaxon offers a competitive advantage through our cutting-edge AI algorithms, extensive dataset, and expertise in biosensor integration. Additionally, we offer non-invasive adjunctive therapies that complement traditional treatments, enhancing the overall patient experience and outcomes. Partner with us to enhance patient care, drive innovation, and differentiate your healthcare services in a competitive landscape.

Remote Patient Monitoring

With our advanced biosensor data analysis and insights, healthcare professionals can remotely monitor patients' physiological and cognitive states in real-time. This capability allows for proactive intervention, early detection of anomalies, and personalized treatment adjustments. For example, in mental health care, our biosensing technology can provide continuous monitoring of brainwave patterns and sleep quality, allowing clinicians to optimize medication regimens and therapy plans remotely.

Non-Invasive Adjunctive Therapies

Interaxon's offerings extend beyond diagnostics to include non-invasive adjunctive therapies. Our biosensing technology can be integrated into therapeutic interventions to enhance treatment effectiveness and patient engagement. For instance, in neurorehabilitation, our EEG-based biofeedback systems can provide real-time feedback on brain activity during motor rehabilitation exercises, helping patients improve motor function and facilitating their recovery process.

Objective Measures of Efficacy

Interaxon's biosensing capabilities enable drug development and therapeutic companies to objectively measure the efficacy of different therapies. By incorporating biosensor data into clinical trials, companies can gain valuable insights into treatment responses, refine protocols, and demonstrate the effectiveness of their interventions. For example, in the field of neuropsychiatry, our biosensing technology can provide quantifiable metrics on cognitive states and emotional responses, helping researchers and drug developers assess the impact of new therapies.

Drug Development & Life Sciences

Advancing Precision Medicine and Personalized Treatment Protocols

Interaxon is at the forefront of advancing precision medicine and personalized patient treatment protocols by leveraging objective measures of efficacy. With our biosensing solutions and advanced data analytics, we empower life science and biotech companies to develop tailored treatment approaches that significantly improve patient outcomes.

Leveraging the Largest Sparse EEG Dataset and Engaged Customer Base

Interaxon harnesses the collective intelligence of our engaged customer base and the largest sparse EEG dataset in the world to drive rapid biomarker development. Collaborating with our customers grants us quick access to research data, valuable insights, and data labeling contributions. This empowers us to identify patterns, correlations, and objective measures that validate and optimize drug and therapeutic interventions. Analyzing this vast collection of biosensor data, we unlock valuable insights that advance the understanding of brain function and revolutionize treatment approaches.

Partner with Interaxon to tap into the power of our engaged customer base and extensive EEG dataset. Together, we can drive breakthrough discoveries, accelerate biomarker development, and pave the way for transformative advancements in drug and therapeutic interventions.

Precision Medicine

By integrating our biosensor data analysis and insights, Interaxon facilitates the development of precision medicine approaches. Through the identification of biomarkers and objective measures, we enhance the understanding of individual patient responses to therapies. This personalized approach allows for the customization of treatment protocols based on each patient's unique characteristics, resulting in optimized outcomes and enhanced patient experiences.

Personalized Treatment Protocols

Our comprehensive biosensing solutions empower drug development and therapeutic companies to create personalized treatment protocols. Real-time analysis of biosensor data, including EEG, PPG, ECG, EMG, and EOG, provides deep insights into patient responses and physiological indicators. This information enables the development of targeted interventions and adjustments to treatment plans, leading to improved efficacy and minimized adverse effects.

Partner Highlight

Myndlift - Transforming Mental Well-being with Muse EEG Devices & SDK


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Interaxon proudly partners with Myndlift, an innovative company revolutionizing neurofeedback therapy. Myndlift utilizes Muse EEG devices, provided by Interaxon, as a crucial component of their services. With real-time feedback on brain activity, Myndlift helps individuals reduce anxiety and find calm through digital self-care programs and personalized neurofeedback interventions.

Through the seamless integration of Muse EEG devices, Myndlift empowers users to take control of their mental well-being. These compact and reliable devices capture and analyze brainwave activity, enabling personalized brain training experiences. Myndlift's programs provide real-time feedback, allowing individuals to learn techniques for reducing anxiety, enhancing focus, and gaining greater cognitive control.

Myndlift's impact reaches far and wide, with their services trusted by over 1,000 clinics worldwide. Clinicians and individuals alike recognize the efficacy of Myndlift's approach, combining Muse EEG devices with digital self-care programs and neurofeedback therapy. The accurate and reliable brainwave monitoring facilitated by Muse EEG devices ensures precise and personalized interventions, resulting in improved mental well-being for countless individuals.

Advanced Biosensor Data Analysis & Insights: Harnessing the Power of AI Deep Learning

Interaxon's AI-powered deep learning algorithms unlock valuable insights from biosensor data. Our R&D team utilizes proprietary algorithms to analyze complex biosignals, such as EEG, PPG, ECG, EMG, and EOG, uncovering patterns and correlations that drive meaningful outcomes. This cutting-edge technology enables us to identify biomarkers, predict cognitive states, and optimize mental performance. Partner with us to tap into our expertise and gain actionable insights that inform decision-making and drive innovation.

Engaged User Collaboration: Accelerating Biomarker Development

At Interaxon, our engaged user base plays a crucial role in our biomarker development endeavors. Through active participation and collaboration, they provide quick access to research data and valuable insights. Their voluntary contributions allow us to gather diverse and comprehensive datasets, annotate them with contextual information, and refine our methodologies. This collaborative approach accelerates biomarker development, shaping the future of brain science and improving lives worldwide. Join us in revolutionizing the field of biomarkers by leveraging the collective intelligence of our engaged user base.