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We are on a mission to advance mental, emotional, and physical health by combining neurotechnology with artificial intelligence.

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Build incredible products by leveraging our award winning EEG technology, tools, and datasets

Our EEG technology and tools are currently being utilized by companies around the world to enhance patient care, facilitate drug development, spearhead research studies, and much more.

A Muse S Gen 2 band viewed from the back, revealing its sensors on the inner ring

Clinical-Grade Technical Specifications:
Uncompromising Quality and Performance

Biomarker Development through the Largest Sparse EEG Dataset

Revolutionize diagnostic tools and personalized medicine through rapid biomarker development with the largest sparse EEG dataset available and our advanced deep learning algorithms and data labelling.

Superior Comfort and User Experience

Our EEG hardware prioritizes comfort with a carefully engineered design for extended wear. The lightweight and ergonomic design offers a seamless and non-intrusive experience allowing for prolonged research or monitoring sessions.

Effortless Setup

Interaxon hardware is designed for quick and hassle-free setup. Researchers, clinicians, and professionals can start capturing brainwave data with minimal effort using our intuitive interface and user-friendly controls.

Wireless Freedom and Flexibility

Experience the freedom of movement with our Wi-Fi enabled EEG hardware. Whether it's monitoring brain activity during physical activities, studying cognitive responses in different environments, or conducting research in dynamic settings, our hardware opens new possibilities that were previously not possible with wired EEG.

Versatile Application and Integration

Our EEG hardware is designed to integrate seamlessly with a wide range of research, clinical, and professional applications. Its compatibility with industry-standard software and research platforms facilitates data analysis, visualization, and integration into your existing workflow.

Reliability and Accuracy

Interaxon's commitment to scientific validation and accuracy ensures that our EEG hardware delivers reliable and precise data. Our hardware captures brainwave activity with exceptional accuracy, providing you with robust and trustworthy insights into brain function and performance.

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A EEG solution for every situation. Discover how our comprehensive suite of EEG tools are helping companies around the world reshape industries.

Drug & Therapy Development

Push the boundaries of personalized medicine by providing tailored treatment approaches that significantly improve patient outcomes.

Healthcare & Remote Monitoring

Shape the future of healthcare by harnessing the potential of EEG and AI technologies to deliver patient-centric care and drive innovation in the industry.

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