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Clinical-Grade Technical Specifications: Uncompromising Quality and Performance

Interaxon's Muse EEG systems provide a reliable and precise solution for capturing and analyzing brainwave data.

With high-performance sensors, multi-channel configuration, low-noise design, real-time signal processing, seamless connectivity, and robust data security, our clinical-grade EEG systems empower researchers, clinicians, and professionals to unlock the full potential of brain sensing technology. Experience the pinnacle of quality and performance with Interaxon's Muse EEG systems.

Clinical-Grade Technical Specifications
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Hardware Solutions

Our EEG technology and tools are currently being utilized by companies around the world to enhance patient care, facilitate drug development, spearhead research studies, and much more.

Lightweight Battery

Our beautifully designed rechargeable battery delivers 10 hours of continuous run time.

Heart Rate Detection

This advanced PPG sensor reflects light off the surface of the skin to measure heart rate and blood circulation.

Muse S band Muse S band

Ultra Comfortable Fabric

Made using an incredibly soft, plush breathable fabric. The headband is designed to be so comfortable that you forget you are wearing it.

Smart Sense EEG

Our award winning SmartSense EEG sensors detect brain activity and provide you with valuable real-time feedback.


High-Performance EEG Sensors: Uncover the Finest Details

Equipped with high-performance EEG sensors, Muse captures brainwave activity with exceptional precision and smart capture of bit to capture ratio to maximize output efficacy. These advanced sensors ensure the accurate detection and measurement of electrical signals emanating from the brain, enabling you to delve into the intricacies of neural patterns and activity.

Multi-Channel Configuration

Multi-Channel Configuration: Comprehensive Brainwave Analysis

Our Muse EEG systems feature a multi-channel configuration, allowing for the simultaneous recording of brainwave data from multiple electrode sites. Muse uses four channels, two channels on the left and two on the right, so it is ideal for exploring hemispheric asymmetries. It also has two micro-USB ports on the back of the ear pods where two auxiliary electrodes can be attached. These electrodes can be used to measure EMG, ECG, or EEG on other areas of the head or body. By capturing data from different regions of the brain, you gain a comprehensive understanding of neural dynamics and can analyze the complex interactions between brain regions.

Low-Noise Design

Low-Noise Design: Minimize Interference, Maximize Signal Quality

Interference and noise can degrade the quality of EEG data, leading to inaccurate interpretations. To mitigate this, our Muse EEG systems incorporate a low-noise design that minimizes environmental and electrical interferences. This ensures that the recorded brainwave signals are pristine, providing you with reliable and high-fidelity data. Muse EEG hardware include a sampling rate of 256 Hz, a frequency range of 2-60 Hz, and a resolution of 24 bits.

Superior Comfort and User Experience

Superior Comfort and User Experience

At the core of our EEG hardware is an emphasis on user comfort and experience. Our carefully engineered design ensures a comfortable fit for extended wear, allowing participants or users to focus on the task at hand without distractions. The lightweight and ergonomic design of Muse ensures a seamless and non-intrusive experience, enabling prolonged sessions for research or monitoring purposes. Devices have a battery life of up to 5-10 hours and can be charged using a micro-USB cable.

Muse S band Muse S band

The Muse Platform

Muse Connect

Advanced Biosensor Analysis
& Biomarker Development

Biosensor Data Analysis & Insights

Advanced Biosensor Data Analysis & Insights: Harnessing the Power of AI Deep Learning

Interaxon's AI-powered deep learning algorithms unlock valuable insights from biosensor data. Our R&D team utilizes proprietary algorithms to analyze complex biosignals, such as EEG, PPG, ECG, EMG, and EOG, uncovering patterns and correlations that drive meaningful outcomes. This cutting-edge technology enables us to identify biomarkers, predict cognitive states, and optimize mental performance. Partner with us to tap into our expertise and gain actionable insights that inform decision-making and drive innovation.

Personalizing Digital Experiences

Personalizing Digital Experiences: Transforming VR with Biosensor Integration

At Interaxon, our engaged user base plays a crucial role in our biomarker development endeavors. Through active participation and collaboration, they provide quick access to research data and valuable insights. Their voluntary contributions allow us to gather diverse and comprehensive datasets, annotate them with contextual information, and refine our methodologies. This collaborative approach accelerates biomarker development, shaping the future of brain science and improving lives worldwide. Join us in revolutionizing the field of biomarkers by leveraging the collective intelligence of our engaged user base.

App Development & Biosensor Integration

Muse Black Parts Rendered

Unleash the Power of Biosensing in VR: Muse® VR SDK & Compatible VR Band

Interaxon offers industry-leading expertise in biosignal integration for user-friendly mobile and web-based applications. Our team of experts specializes in seamlessly integrating biosensors, such as EEG, PPG, ECG, EMG, and EOG, into applications, unlocking the potential of biosignal data to enhance user engagement and optimize mental performance.

By harnessing existing customer insights and data sets, we tailor our app development and biosensor integration services to meet your specific needs, providing personalized experiences for your users. Partner with Interaxon to revolutionize user experiences in your industry through our seamless biosignal integration, industry expertise, and utilization of valuable customer insights. Together, we can unlock the full potential of biosensing technology and create groundbreaking applications that leave a lasting impact.

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